Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Oh dear, it must have taken MAJOR guts to leave your house lookin' like this sweetie. Once again, Khloe Kardashian effortlessly rocks the HOT SHIT MESS look with ease. It's so convenient cause when we've no idea who's gonna be our next sizzling mess, good ole Khloe shows through for us and steps out in public. Gotta love how the fans in the pic are waiting for the "real goods" aka Kim K to walk past. That's gotta hurt but never mind Khloe, there's food waitin' for you in the limo.

[Image via Coco Perez & National Photo Group]


  1. haha fuck this shit is funny rotflmfao!

  2. shut the fuck up all of you are you serious u are actual pricks she is beautiful and she shouldnt give a fuck what you think because you lot are dumb as fuck!!!!

  3. lol you shut up you fucking loser its true she's an ugly fat cunt!!!