Thursday, June 09, 2011


A couple years back, a show called The Fashionista Diaries came out on Soap (a network that no one cares about), and the above TRAIN WRECK is the one and only Nicole Amendolare. Nicole was in WAY over her head with the Fashionista crowd, however she was definitely the most stunning cast member. She always (never) showed up to work on time, arrived in a full face of (flawless) make up and always wore her trusty Juicy Couture ensembles complete with Walmart (that's Primark for you British folk) flats. As you can see, she's also partial to wearing CLASSY Juicy tracksuits while bummin' around from the comfort of her "multi million dollar" house in Queens, New York. From the on-trend headband to the (expensive) gold jewellery, everything is wrong here. On a more positive note though, it seems that Nicole has started a whole new sub genre of MESS. It's what we'd like to call "mav" aka mafia chav. Good luck with your new job at Taco Bell!

[Image via SOAP]

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  1. This is fucked up! I know this girl and she's a sweet beautiful person! Your a loser who has nothing else to do but blog about people! Get a real job!