Thursday, June 09, 2011


It's already Kardashian time again, but it's just IMPOSSIBLE for us to not comment on this cover that STUNNER Khloe Kardashian did back in January. We swear to God...Kris Jenner must have DIED (and not in a Rachel Zoe way) when she shat out this MESS of a being. As you can see the better looking version of Kim K got shot (we wish literally) for the cover of YRB magazine (National Geographic), but she looked like a pig version of Adam Lambert minus the acne scars. We can't think of an explanation, but for some reason her face just sends us into a deep state of depression. Rumour has it that "designer" Christian Siriano custom made the GaGa esque outfit to have built-in food compartments on the shoulders, hence the raised effect, in case Little Miss Piggy got peckish during the shoot.

[Image via YRB]

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