Monday, June 06, 2011


As soon as Christian Siriano hit our screens on Project Runway, we thought he was a disgusting queen with VILE hair. The "designer" was seen arriving at this year's MTV Movie Awards in a pretty cheap lookin' get up. His crispy lookin' hair that was GHD'd to death, nasty specs, Topman Design (most likely) blazer and exposed chest (mmm classy) looked a total mess. Now we're not into gals either at The Sizzling Mess, but we just DO NOT get why so many gay guys have to show off their chest/meavage. That's "male cleavage" for you folk that don't know. While on the topic, is it also compulsory for gay guys to own deep v's in 30 different colours? Do not understand that one.

[Image via WIRE IMAGE]

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