Wednesday, June 08, 2011


She's attractive, she's glamorous, she's age-defying, but what a lot of people don't know about Countess Luann De Lesseps is that she's (or he's) desperately struggling to cover up her (his) gender past. The world knows her (him) as the deepest speaking Real Housewife Of New York, but under all the facial shaving and penis flattening, is it really worth it Luke? Sorry, we mean Lu Ann. It's too bad that a VERY scandalous photo (above) was leaked recently, but maybe Bravo could start a Real Transgender Housewives franchise? Don't be embarrassed Lu Ann (Luke), you're opening doors for all the other Lea T's out there. Anyway, she's (he's) a divorced slut now who fucks a different French guy every week. Does she (he) even qualify as a "housewife"...? Money can't buy you class, but it sure can buy you sex reassignment surgery.

[Image via BRAVO & NICK AUGER]

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