Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Since losing 200 pounds on Dancing With The Stars, Kelly Osbourne's career has (apparently) soared. The semi-reformed fatty has tried everything from presenting (she's a natural) to trying to look sexy (and failing) for Madonna's clothing line Material Girl. Now she's not the biggest mess out there granted, but there is something VERY disturbing about the size of this bitches head. Talk about disproportionate. Anyhoo, we think the drag queen troll should get in touch with the Cabbage Patch Kids creators and cash in on her "fame" while it lasts. On the other hand it could make the companies sales decline, cause if we had to look at dolls with Kelly's (deformed) head attached to them, our eyes would be pretty offended. We want the old (obese) Kelly back!

[Images via WIRE & MATTEL]

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