Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Donatella Versace really is a BIZARRE (and that's polite) lookin' thing, but we can't figure out why all these bitches resort to excessive amounts of plastic surgery? Granted, maybe Donatella has improved (looks wise) since birth, but what does she think she looks like now? It looks like something that Kim Zolciak wants to resemble when she's 76, albeit 300 pounds more of facial fillers. If we're honest, we didn't post a photo of her full body cause we knew it'd just get taken down. Seeing her in a Versace (may as well be Peacocks at her DOG level) bikini is enough to make anyone hurl. You can picture it clear enough we think...tits so saggy she could use them as slippers. Oh and no, the above photo has NOT been photo shopped. Yuh huh, DOG rough.


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