Monday, June 06, 2011


For someone like Henry Holland who tries so hard to be edgy, we found it highly amusing when we saw him with an Hermes bracelet around his wrist. The lame Eastender (Manchester native) has always puzzled us when it comes to his ON TREND fashion choices. We swear he's worn the same pair of jeans, brogues (clown version) and denim jacket for the past 6 years. Oh and let's not forget the bow tie...SO freakin' edgy! Someone might wanna tell him, but when you start doing fashion shows and collaborating with "high-end" stores like Debenhams, you might wanna make it look as though your "collection" wasn't made with a glue gun near Old Street. My phone just rang and Quagmire from Family Guy wants his jaw back.

[Image via REX FEATURES]

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