Sunday, June 05, 2011


It looks like (royal socialite) Tara Palmer-Tomkinson got her new nose done by the make-up team who did that Babe The Pig movie. On top of looking truly DOG rough as a result of multiple botched surgeries (unlucky genes), the blue-blooded (in her mind) coke whore has no friends left due to them being horrified by her OFFENSIVE face. Her one remaining friend can be seen above in her handbag. That's right she's resorted to cuddly toys. At least she's managed to carve out herself a "chart topping" career as a pianist.

[Image via BIG PICTURE]


  1. hahahaha your photoshop skills need work

  2. God bless you honey and good luck. Hopefully you'll never come across these sad, rancid comments made by people who are inwardly sick. Hold your head up and keep trying. There's a lot of love and harmony in this world. Leave the people who are obsessed by outward appearance to their own. Good luck to them and their empty existences.