Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Does anyone remember that TV show The Paper on MTV back in 2008? If any of you watched it, you surely to God can't forget the HOT MESS main character (Farmville pig) Amanda Lorber. She's the youngest train wreck to be featured on The Sizzling Mess, but we somehow think that Amanda would be the type to put a positive spin on this to avoid any embarrassment. People, you NEED to watch this show to fully understand what a CATASTROPHIC train wreck she truly is. The list goes on and on, but to sum her up just look at the 8th grade hair clips, DISGUSTING glasses, fugs nose, some fucked up ethnic lookin' necklace attached to ribbon (no you are seeing it right), and last but not least a HICKEY on her neck that actually scares us more than anything. Hope you're studyin' hard at NYU girl!

[Image via MTV]

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