Friday, August 16, 2013


You know that Alexa Chung is just a fame hungry half Chinese chick who loves king prawn fried rice but won't ever eat the fucker. The former T4 presenter (she wants people to forget about that) was snapped having a crafty fag after yet another day of starvation on the streets of Brooklyn and boy did the bitch look ill. It must be so tiresome being such a trendsetting NYC hipster, so we're guessing she just doesn't have time to eat? Oh and FYI Alexa, you're from Hampshire or somewhere in China so it doesn't really work love. Either cover up those rank legs or just admit you know how many calories are in toothpaste cause everyone knows you're fat inside. Oh and if there's an annoying PC person reading this, we ain't racist cause we had a Chinese last night.

[Image via X17]


  1. hate this rank asian bitch

  2. Seriously! I saw her pics recently and they are really trying to push her and get her to matter, but jeez WTF is wrong with her legs? Ppl who are saying anorexia is a real disease and Ppl shouldn't be making fun of her, what fucking ever. You don't hear of this disease in third world countries. This is a first world issue because the fashion world is more than likely just playing a practical joke and the easily influenced idiots are eating it up. And yeah being too skinny and too fat exists. If you can't admit to it then you're an asshole who either eats too much to self medicate, or too little and no one fucking cares.