Friday, August 23, 2013


Seriously what the fuck does Madonna think she looks like? The singer was snapped vacaying in Italy recently and for some reason she thought it'd look cool to sport a grille like Rihanna. We would of referenced Miley but it doesn't work on that bitch either...another story in itself. Anyhow the past-it slapper appeared to have had a little more work done to her famous mug cause her cheeks were plumped up like hell and it's pretty much impossible for a 55 year old to be wrinkle free. It's a shame she's so irrelevant now, but maybe if she ditched the hooker look and went for something more age appropriate audiences would start to embrace her again?

[Image via AP]


  1. Maybe we need to understand it is her life. Aging is part of life, and both you, author, and any commentors will age. At least she has played her part on the world stage,and you need to show some respect to your elders. She set the stage for many of these stupid young artists. She has a right to wear whatever makes her happy, as long as she doesn't put it on your face!