Monday, May 05, 2014


Okay seriously Mischa Barton what the fuck happened to you? The actress who was once known for playing regulation hottie Marissa Cooper in The OC was seen grabbing lunch in LA the other day and she's totes piled on the pounds. Even her poor dog looked on with an expression of disgust as she clutched at her burger and Starbucks drink. You need to ditch the junk food, hire a trainer and stop eating cause otherwise you're headed for Kirstie Alley territory.

[Image via X17]


  1. Interestingly though, Mr./Mrs. 'Sizzling Mess' blogger offers no picture of their own good self at any point.

    Possibly they only feel safe sneering at others when they themselves are cosily hidden from public view?

    Ah, the safe one way mirror that is cyberspace.

    1. Agreed. Somebody get this bitch some self esteem. How low must your likeability as a person be if all you post is shade about the weight of celebrities. Try looking in a mirror darling and work on your apparent deep-seated issues~

    2. I have just found this blog, and thought the same thing myself. These posts are super bitchy!

      I'm very glad she (I assume these were written by a female) has abandoned this blog. I see she has refused to delete it though- are you still proud that you spent so much of your time writing all these hateful posts about people you're probably just jealous of?

      Please delete this horrible, hateful blog. I hope you've become less of a cunt over the last two years. Oh "sorry", I'm British- that's how we refer to people who behave like you. Sort yourself out.

  2. I still miss this blog though :(

  3. Disabled toilet.

  4. This "blog" is hilarious! I miss it. :-( wish you'd start this thing up again! I laughed so hard i cryed. You people need to lighten up!