Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Seriously what the ACTUAL fuck Madonna? What in God's name have you done to your face and bitch would you please just ditch the grille already cause it ain't even cool to copy Hannah Montana with an STD...that's right you know who. The alleged queen of pop was snapped walking the red carpet at the annual Grammy awards...with a cane can we add, but we're told she only needs to do this when it's damp cause it makes her dodgy hip play up. Anyhow fellow gay icon and singer Cyndi Lauper presented an award at the show and looked equally strange to be honest. Both of their faces are puffed up and bloated beyond recognition and we just don't understand how they think this looks good. Such a shame when you know you're career is slipping like quick sand and you can't do a thing to stop it cause you ain't relevant. Bad times for Madge and Cyndi ennit.

[Images via AP]


  1. It's called "aging" (Seriously. What are you? Twenty??). Your time is coming, that is, if you miraculously manage to survive long enough in a world that is even less tolerant of ignorant opinions.

    1. Go away and be uppity somewhere else. Madonnas face looks like the moon.

  2. ^ "Aging", my arse. Try "plastic surgery", you bint. With every passing year, Madonna's face looks like a white , lumpy pillow being taken hostage. On the bright side though - Madonna's weird, ugly face matches her weird, ugly personality (and her shite singing voice).