Monday, January 13, 2014


It really pisses us off that all these lame ass fashion blogs and online showbiz sites diss the fuck out of a hot bitch who rocks up in a nasty dress to an awards show, but when mammoth Gabourey Sidibe shows up they all decide to be nice and fake. Please say you agree or even know what we're taking about cause if not you're an idiot too...vent over. Anyway the human version of Free Willy was papped walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes last night and while bitch looked kinda nice in the dress, she just looked like the ghetto version of Octomom. We love her as an actress and she's super cute but fuck does it need to lose a shit load of weight otherwise bitch gon' die. When your arms look more at home in a kebab shop action needs to be taken. Just sayin'.

[Image via GETTY]


  1. this is disgusting. you should delete this whole web page you abusive pig.

  2. I've been reading all your latest posts and I just gotta say THANK YOU!! I don't believe in abusing ugly people, but it does piss me of when pretty people get abused for being slutty and ugly people get praised for looking weirder than usual.

  3. She does need to lose over half her body weight, shes a big fat blob.