Monday, July 22, 2013


Okay so we've never really understood the fascination with Jennifer Aniston cause let's face it; she's an average actress who got lucky at best and while she can sometimes look cute we've never been a fan of a woman with a strong jaw. The former FRIENDS star was seen filming a new movie in NYC over the weekend and sported a wig that made onlookers do a double take cause lady resembled a full on dude in drag. The only thing missing from this clownish look was a five o'clock shadow, but at least we know that Jen can't pull off every hairstyle out there. Did you clock her fuck off massive engagement ring too? Must be nice to have lots of money ennit.

[Image via SPLASH]


  1. hahaha evil but hilar!!!!

  2. 50 is gonna hit her like a shit ton of bricks. She was always mediocre at best, but her flaws are amplified by her obvious insecurity and lack of self esteem. She is forever doomed to straight-to-DVD dreary, insipid rom-coms and tabloid covers that all say she will die alone with 60 cats. Truly the living equivalent of vanilla bean lactose-and-sugar-free soy ice cream, boring, bland, pretentious, safe, tries to be more exotic and enticing than it really is, and anyone who claims to like consuming it is really just being polite. Everything she does just screams "Like me! Please like me! I still look young, right? I'm still relevant! Right? RIGHT?!?!"

  3. you're all fucking evil