Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This was buried deep in The Sizzling Mess' vintage classics file and we thought it was about time to once again pay tribute to actress (whale) Mischa Barton. If you're all educated to degree level and read the glossies religiously, then you'll remember that she blamed her fat face in this pic on "dental surgery causing swelling". We worked out what Mischa actually meant to say and the translation is roughly: "I know I've become a right fat cunt, but my career's a fuckin' joke and eating my feelings makes me feel better". See we can always relate to the absolute truth! Rumor has it that The OC is coming back next year for a reunion special, but Mischa's old character Marissa is being played by a new girl with one chin. Fear not though OC fans, you will in fact catch a glimpse of Mischa herself as she's been cast as the whale that gets washed to shore in the beach scene. Yay everyone wins!

[Image via WIRE]

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