Friday, July 15, 2011


We love a good Real Housewives binge, so who better to hate on other than Real Housewife and "supermodel" aka deluded transvestite Alex McCord. Since her (his) debut on the Real Housewives, the fugly social climber has done nothing except OFFEND us continually with her "unique" bone structure. C'mon let's be real, this thing is so far beyond deluded it's ridiculous. Still, we're guessing she's giving model agencies all over New York something to laugh about. Replace all the magic mirrors in your "classy" Brooklyn townhouse (Alex & Simon are secretly embarrassed they can't afford a brownstone in Manattan), buy some new ones (don't forget to peel off the protective film), study yourself without barfing, and then next season just admit you're fugly and OWN it like Oprah.

[Image via Bravo]

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