Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Christina Aguilera seems to battle with her food demons cause one minute she can be stick thin and the next there's a national food shortage. Now we ain't denying that the bitch can't blow (ghetto for sing you perverts), but she sure as hell has gotten fucking fat lately. Just comparing the photos above that are only 2 years apart is pretty shocking, but at least it proves that Chrissy can do classy if she wants to. All we know is that the latest look just ain't doing girl any favors and that fake tan NEEDS to be toned down cause her legs look like burnt chipolatas.


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  1. The only "Sizzling Mess" here is your website.
    BTW its called HAVING CHILDREN. Something you'll obviously never accomplish considering the fact that nobody could possibly love someone as bitchy as yourself. Using fucking curse words in every other damn sentence does not make you awesome as shit. Anybody and they're retarded dog could do it. Find a hobby, maybe sewing (then you could perminantly shut you fucking pie hole forever so nobody has to sit through your dumbass rambles anymore. Not that anybody does anyway).