Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We're shocked that we've managed to hold off from posting about actress (professional food taster) Gabourey Sidibe for so long, but this bitch is outta luck cause today we found this photo. Now we ain't saying it ain't talented but there is DEFINITELY a point between being just overweight and being a fat cunt. Gabby, you've even exceeded that point honey. The poor bitch was snapped at a recent charity event in NYC and it looked like a pile of whale shit in an orange tent. Is it just us or does she look like she's blind or trying to push out a turd in every photo? Maybe it's cause her eyelids are carrying so much excess fat they can't help but close. Whatever the reason this woman needs to get on a fuckin' diet and quick. Nice classy touch with the bra hanging out one side ennit.

[Image via AP]

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