Monday, October 31, 2011


We know you could easily confuse the above photo to be melted lard in a bin liner, but it is in fact former Steps star Claire Richards aka cheap tart who got lucky. The crappy 90s pop band are unfortunately reuniting for a greatest (shittest) hits album and were doing promo in Manchester. We don't get why they're embarrassing themselves and to add insult to injury only 100 fans showed up, of which 50 were paparazzi and the other 50 friends and family. Claire ain't foolin' anyone with that "add a belt to ya dress to give yourself a waist" trick either. Listen up love, when you look like flubber there ain't no point in even trying. Just go home, stick in an old Steps album and eat ya feelings. We'll be nice and give the lass some credit for her glittery River Island shoes. Apparently she was eying a pair of Jimmy Choo's but money ennit.

[Image via FLYNET]

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