Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We genuinely don't understand how Gabourey Sidibe both continues to walk the earth and also breathe in general? The actress isn't just huge she's mammoth and must live in multiple zip codes due to her larger than life frame. While we liked her in Precious and AHS Coven there ain't no denying that this bitch is one epic walrus. Surely her heart is crying on a daily basis and her toilet must literally hate her and sweat in fear after every meal she ingests.

[Image via GETTY]


  1. This is honestly sickening. As if she doesn't already have to deal with insecurity because of the standards that the media shove down our throats from a young age. Insult her all you want but all you're doing is getting her name out there. I'm sure she uses the money you're making her to wipe away her tears when she sees stuff life This

  2. my wife was immensely fat, her weight unhinged the toilet upstairs... i had to say some little lie like 'its not working anymore' and disconnect the water supply, simple fact she fucked up my sanitation !!

    fat ppl are ultra selfish (I had forty years of this shame, i know of what I speak) ... they have no idea or perhaps refuse to acknowledge the misery and embarassmant they inflict their nearest and dearest.

    1. you're the biggest asshole in the world. I bet you are seriously ugly too. A loser like you needs to end it all because YOUR life isn't worth living

  3. Wow I hope you all die and go to hell where you belong you uglyass losers.