Thursday, June 20, 2013


We gotta admit that Prue was our favorite witch on Charmed back in the day, but we kinda imagined that she would've aged a little better than this shit. Shannen Doherty who used to portray the witch with bitch attitude was seen at a recent event in LA and lady has aged so badly it makes us sad. Everything from the 80s barnet to the deep crows feet look horrendous, but more importantly what's going on with her nasty horse teeth? Screw personal gain, we think an age reversal spell is needed here.

[Image via WIRE]


  1. deep crows feet? are you fucking kidding me?
    you trash the likes of Madonna for her surgery then trash someone who clear hasn't bothered with it.
    Funnily enough there isn't a fountain of youth to drink from, make your fucking mind up cause it's one or the other.

  2. ew she looks like a witch, what a mess!!

  3. She was so hot in charmed! Definitely not aged very well and those teeth!

  4. she looks nice! better than filler faced scary joker mask

  5. Um she looks pretty good for someone who is 42 really. I'm an Australian and here our sun is pretty harsh on the skin. She also has Irish skin and lives in a sunny place, California has a beach y, sunny outdoorsy climate right. I'd say she always had these nice big teeth because when you look at most photos of her she smiles with her mouth closed, perhaps she's always been self conscious of her choppers. Nice of you to blast her looks when she is clearly giving a huge genuine smile, I'd say that's a sign of inner beauty. She clearly isn't self obsessed and spending a lot of time and money on vanity. I think she's a great example of a natural aging beauty. Not bad really considering she epitomized a look that was nearly unobtainable for the rest of us in her most famous days of BH 90210 and Charmed. Girl was skinny, had the complexion of a porcelain doll, the thick shiny hair, the gargantuan twins, the legs. What didn't she have. And well she's still pretty much the same, just in more of a normal woman size and has aged a bit. I don't see a train wreck, I see a happy gal.

  6. She's beautiful! Nothing wrong with her hair, teeth or anything else - and she's got some real character.
    Suppose you only like banana-lipped plastic clones!