Saturday, April 21, 2012


Wow, talk about a triumphant return. Claire Richards aka the fat cunt, got stuck in the pod that lowered her onto the stage at the first Steps reunion concert. Now although the poor bitch must have been highly embarrassed maybe now she'll stop scoffing Cherry Bakewell's by the packet? Oh and who the fuck is styling the tour cause the above pic just screams we're gonna be pissing ourselves when you walk out onto that stage. Just sayin'.

[Image via LONG LENS]


  1. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?? your a cold hearted bitch who doesn't have anything nice to say about anyone!, and why the fuck say horrible stuff about my sister? Claire is the loveliest person you can ever meet and her weight has nothing to do with you!! Look in the mirror before you fucking judge!! She did not get stuck in there because you think she's fat, there was a technical hitch and the door wouldn't open!! And how DARE you say she should stop eating cherry bake wells to herself! HAVE SOME FUCKING MANNERS BECAUSE IF I SAID THAT STUFF ABOUT YOU I KNOW YOU WOULDN'T LIKE IT! Stop making celebrities life's HELL!!
    This page is disgusting and not funny !!
    Report me for my language what ever but NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT MY SISTER LIKE THAT YOU FUCKING HEAR??

  2. Gemma

    Sorry, but what are you talking about?

    Your sister is a fat ugly cunt. It is a shame, as she used to be utterly stunning (althoght never small) before she binged on Maccie D's and other crap food.

    She might be "lovely on the inside" and I'm sure she's got a lovely personality, but Jeez - what the fuck is she doing going back on tour in that physical state? What a fucking embarrassment....

  3. Hey Anon - You are so right, what a fucking filthy ugly cow. I can't believe that she would allow herself to tour in that condition. She's clearly morbidly obese! What kind of message is that sending out to any youngsters thinking about going to see them? I did some googling and have seen some pics of what she managed to do to get into a slim wedding dress, and those pics looked really good - how embarrassing for her that she clearly has so little motivation, self discipline or ability to continue to exercise and stay in some modicum of reasonable shape. V Poor.

  4. Gemma, you are right. This website is filth and I'm willing to bet the cunt belittling the celebs on here is trying - desperately - to surpass the old Perez before life kicked the shit out of him. Look, consider the insult to your sister a compliment coming from trash like those who'd build websites like this.

  5. I like claire... good for her... we get older, we change!
    I'm sure she's a fab person.... Despite the terribley bad language from her sister... "GOOD ON YA SIS!" sticking up for ya sister like that... wish I had a sister like you... Oh and of course a sister like Claire!

  6. Gemma,
    your sister is beautiful. Pity these sad worthless people, I would be so proud of her <3

  7. Wow what a great site! I will def be bookmarking this one! Keep up the good work

  8. I want the 30 seconds of my life back that it took to read this piece of shit blog post.

    You pride yourself on getting a rise from people....I pity you for caring so much what other people think.

    Get a life. Claire Richards has one and it shits all over yours.

  9. Who ever says Claire is disgusting is a dumb ass shit who lives up in his mother's bedroom like a sad ass cunt go fuck yourselves bellends and go shag your cousin you hillbilly Claire rocks

  10. Another lovely girl you're tearing to shreds you bastard bitch. Shame on you and I hate Perez Hilton anyway what a POS! Claire is not fat these days she has a gorgeous figure again now so you can take your filth venom and choke on it. Asshole.