Thursday, March 06, 2014


We're not sure if Nicki Minaj understood that when you take selfies you're supposed to look hot and not like some ghetto bitch who looks like she'd give you a black eye for the last seat on the subway. Anyway the Starships singer apparently thought she looked fuckable enough cause lady posted the above snap on her Instagram account sans make-up and to be honest she looked rough as shit. At least she ditched the wig and has taken a more natural approach, but in a way we can kinda see why she shovels on so much slap #justsaying.

[Image via INSTAGRAM]

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  1. OK did you just fucking say that to the queen, Nikki minaj doesn't need your shitty advise, she can wear pajamas and baggy clothes and still look sexy in it...she's prettier than you can ever be so take that trashy comment and shove it into your pathetic mouth. No one disrespects our queen